March 8, 2012

Tired Hands

After my putting my son to bed, I managed to throw a couple of 4lb clay balls into vessels late last night. It wasn't the ideal thowing session. I was already pooped from a long day taking care of my son, but somehow I ended up with some slightly newer forms, more wabi sabi-ish.  Perhaps the result of being tired and the clay too hard (I didn't wedge it enough).  But so far i love the result! Funny, how things work out.

The best part of all - is that I can change a design because I want to.

This reminds me of a job I used to have where I had to write certain letters to clients. Before I could mail them out though, I had to submit these letters to three people above me, each higher than the other and each with their own corrections of the letter. So by the time the letter went out, it looked nothing like the original letter I wrote. 

Two lessons I learned:  I suck at letter writing. 

And the other, I so appreciate where I am today.

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