July 17, 2012

Unique LA Afterglow

Our Unique LA Summer Show is over but our heads are still spinning days after.  Doing the show is an intense experience. Add up the dizzying acts of setting up and taking down, being surrounded by thousands of people over two days, the loud non stop thump of dj music, to meeting very many people. 

We made some cool new friends over at our neighboring booths, COATT, Tiny Whales,The Academy, and We Are All Smith just to name a few. Such awesome vendors who chatted with us, gave us encouragement and thoughtful tips on how, we, the newbies at the show, could make our booth a success.

We played around with the layout of our booth after we started noticing the traffic patterns. 10' x 10' seems like a big enough space but once you get all your furniture in, it becomes a design challenge.  Fortunately, we had a corner space (score!) so we were able to spread out more than those squeezed in between two booths.

Our customers.  They're the best!  We love chatting with you and love to hear your ideas on what you'll be using the pots for. An illustrator based in Eagle Rock bought 3 hanging pots to decorate the front of his home and had some ideas to snip his neighbor's overgrown succulents.  We love it.

And at the very last minute, Sonja Rasula, creator of the Unique Shows, came to our booth and bought a mini vessel from us!  How freakin' cool is that?! By the way, this was the best event to people watch! Being a part of the largest independent design show in the country is awesome.

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