February 10, 2012


I started this blog to chronicle the journey of starting my own pottery line, PUTIKMADE.

First thing you should know is I am mom to a happy, very active, four year old boy.  I also have the support of my hardworking husband. It has been our understanding, and happily so, from the very beginning that I would be the primary caretaker of our little tornado while daddy brings home the bacon. Let me say it's not easy starting a business when you have a toddler.  I basically have two, sometimes three days in the week where he is at daycare or cared for by daddy, to work at the studio.  I'm not complaining, it's just my reality. And if you know anything about pottery making, it is a slow, slow process. So if you ever see me at the studio, I'm the girl with quiet intensity who has her head down towards the pottery wheel or splashing glaze all over herself or muttering about the prized piece that turned out ugly.

I'll leave you with a picture of some porcelain greenware I trimmed at the studio today. A good friend requested bud vases, so here they are - ready for their first firing in the kiln.

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