February 23, 2012


These porcelain bud vases came out of the kiln yesterday. Shino glaze. You hate me. I expected some crawling but my expectations were far different  from the final result.  

This happens alot.

There is a percentage of my work thrown out sacrificed due to "stuff that happens" during the various working stages that the pieces goes through. In this case, a glaze mishap. This is where good notes come in. So I can remember not to do this again. 

On the other hand, these came out of the kiln too. I am happy with these planters and bud vases. I love the green. I was actually slow to embrace this glaze, as it may be too obnoxious of a green for some. 

But I think this dark raw clay requires an equally intense color.  

And it seems to be a very stable glaze, and that I like.


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