April 11, 2012

Shallow Bowl Planter Part III

So here's the final result of the shallow bowl planter!  Quite a difference it goes through in the high fire kiln, huh? 

Remember the post about how we thought the glaze might have been contaminated because of the white streaks/splotches on the glaze and we were disappointed? Well, we received alot of helpful comments and feedback from many people. Most everyone seemed to agree that what happened was quite fortunate. The glaze we use is supposed to do nothing but turn a very intense green.  So for it to do other than green things, it's unexpected, yes, but not necessarily a bad thing.

One person said, "you are looking at it with ugly eyes". We just love statement.

It made us rethink our expectations and perceptions. In high fire pottery, we should expect the unexpected and we should not immediately look at an unexpected result with 
u-g-l-y eyes :)

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