April 2, 2012

What is UPO?

The UPO series of vessels consists of a hanging planter(#1) and wall or table top planter (#2).  Made from black mountain clay, thrown on the wheel, and high fired. A leather strap with a simple knot allows the vessel to hang.

The inspiration for the UPO design comes from Jennifer's mom's garden. She used to grow a filipino squash, called upo in tagalog, that is used in many filipino dishes, like soup or stir-fry. They are long, slender squash with greenish skin and white flesh inside. They are also known as bottle gourds. When Jennifer's mom grew them, she would have them grow on a wire trellis suspended from above and the squash would grow down, hanging from a ceiling of leaves. 

So the UPO vessel is reminiscent of that image of a hanging upo squash.  

It's amazing how random memories will end up inspiring you 20 years later.

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