May 3, 2012

Little Bit of Everything

We started off the busy day with an early morning power breakfast.  Cynthia made a delicious fritatta with toast and tea. Yummy!

Then we dove into work. 

While I planted pots for the show, Cynthia packed up some orders that needed to go out in the mail.  More errands, decisons, a haircut, korean food and then more decisons made for a long day.  But we are having a good time and we're stoked about this weekend! Below are a few of the planted pots you'll see at the show. Hope to see you there :)



  1. Anonymous5/06/2012

    I see my package sitting there on the floor ready to go to the PO... Inspiration in those photos as I just purchased some succulents with the help of my boss... his mom is a florist and has access to a local wholesaler. Love my Custom UPO pot, it arived Saturday while I was out of state at the Bixby BBQ & Blues Festival near Tulsa... great show :)

  2. We're glad the UPO pot arrived safely. Please send us a photo when you finally plant it - we'd love to see it in action.  Take care, Cynthia and Jennifer