May 7, 2012

Scenes from Grow!

We're a bit tired...but we had a blast at the show!
Firstly, we have to say we have the best customers. Like the first couple who walked in Saturday morning into our booth clutching a clipping of PUTIKMADE in the LA Times article saying, "We want to buy pottery!"  

We love it! Just know you are a super cute couple that reduced two appreciative girls to teary buckets after you left :)

Secondly, this weekend provided the best learning experience. Like we definitely needed to bring a shade structure and some sunscreen. Let's say we got a little crispy. And other vendors at the show were so friendly and offered us great advice and encouragement. 

Would we do this again? YES! Online selling is wonderful, but meeting people face to face provides interaction on a whole different level. We met new and old friends, handed out as many postcards as we could, and oh yes, sold a few pots along the way - goals met! More pics later.

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